Russia-Ukraine Conflict
An interview with Rediff

Ambassador Prabhat P Shukla
March 2022

Ukraine conflict.jpg

Rediff: Sir, many Indians were surprised by India's abstentions in the UN Security Council and the General Assembly during the votes on Ukraine to them, it almost appeared a tacit endorsement of the Russian actions in Ukraine. How do you see the Indian response so far to the Ukraine crisis? What has pleased you? What has disappointed you?

Amb PP Shukla: I believe we did the right thing in abstaining. That is not tantamount to an endorsement of Russian actions. Read with our explanation of vote, one gets a clearer sense of Indian thinking. We did express regret that not enough time was given for diplomacy to play itself out, and we have endorsed the principle of the sovereignty and territorial integrity of states. I would imagine that there is also a fairly active but quiet
diplomacy being undertaken by our government, and that is the more effective approach. The government also deserves credit for the way our citizens, mainly students, are being evacuated from the war zones."



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