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The title of the site was suggested by the epitaph of the architect, Sir Christopher Wren:

Lector, Si Monumentum Requiris, Circumspice

(Reader, if you seek his monument, look around.)

These words are written directly beneath the dome of St Paul’s Cathedral on the epitaph of the architect of Cathedral, Sir Christopher Wren.

LOOK AROUND this website and explore unbiased, well researched documents, commentaries and views on International Relations, Security & Wars, Indic Religion, Civilisation, History, Archaeology and Cyber Security & Data Protection and much more.

So it is with us, albeit on a more modest scale. If you seek to know us, and our efforts in the direction of advancing our knowledge, look through this website. For us, the title has another meaning: we ourselves are looking around, observing the world, processing the information, and expressing our analytical judgement, at the same time, inviting readers to assess and react. Hopefully, visitors to this site will find something of merit, and at least something to provoke their own thought processes.


We are putting out what we have written so far, as an example of the kind of scholarship on offer. There will be more to follow, and we hope to have regular updates on various topics within our areas of interest. At a later stage, we also hope to expand our list of contributors, while maintaining the same level of commitment to the facts and their hard-headed analysis.

Once again, thanks for visiting our website. We hope you will leave it with a sense that it was worth the time spent in it.



Prabhat P Shukla joined the Indian Foreign Service in 1974 after completing his MA from the Delhi School of Economics. He has served in Moscow, Brussels, London, Kiev and Kathmandu before becoming Ambassador. He served in Delhi twice, including as the Diplomatic Adviser to three Prime Ministers from 1996 to 2000, responsible for foreign, and defence policy, as well as security and nuclear issues. He has served as Ambassador/High Commissioner to Singapore, Australia and Russia.


Amb Prabhat P Shulka

Prof. Makkhan Lal, a distinguished archaeologist and historian, taught in Banaras Hindu University and Aligarh Muslim University. He was also the First Charles Wallace Fellow in Cambridge University and Sr. Fellow at Clare Hall. He was elected member of the Executive Committee to represent SAARC countries (1986-1998) in the World Archaeology C and it's Treasurer and Academic Programme Coordinator (1990-1994). He is associated with several academic bodies and journals. He ha published 23 books and over 200 articles on Indian archaeology, history and current affairs. 

makkhan Lal.jpeg

Prof Makkhan Lal


Cdr Mukesh Saini

Commander Mukesh Saini is a veteran Naval Officer with specialisation in Electronic Warfare and is an alumni of National Defence Academy and Defence Services Staff College. He holds 3 masters degrees and is pursuing Law. He is a super-specialist in cyber security and privacy. He was first Nation Information Security Coordinator (GOI). He was also MD of cybersecurity firm XCySS, Chief Security (information) Officer, Microsoft and CISO for Essel group of companies. 

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